The Digital Walters

Digitized Walters Manuscripts

Welcome to The Digital Walters, the online repository of the Walters Digitization Initiative. This site functions as a repository for high-resolution archival images of digitized manuscripts from the Walters Art Museum’s collection. These manuscripts have been digitized in their entirety and include complete cataloguing information along with machine-readable TEI P5 descriptions and technical metadata. Each digitized manuscript, also referred to as a digital surrogate, is available for download free of charge under a Creative Commons CC0 ("CC-zero") license.

Images are offered in four sizes:

  1. Master TIFF (600PPI for text pages/1200PPI [or highest resolution attainable] for illuminated pages
  2. 300PPI TIFF
  3. JPEG (1800 pixels on the long side)
  4. Thumbnail JPEG (190 pixels on the long side)

For an animated “turning the pages” presentation of the manuscripts and downloadable PDFs, visit the Walters Art Museum’s Works of Art Web site. Manuscripts that have pages on the Walters Works of Site have links that say "art.thewalters.org".

A note on language support

If you have trouble reading special or non-Latin characters on this page, please make sure you have appropriate Unicode fonts installed and an up-to-date web browser.

All manuscript images and descriptions were created and are provided through Preservation and Access grants awarded to the Walters Art Museum by the National Endowment for the Humanities, 2008-2014. Additional funding has been provided by an anonymous donor. Any views, finding, conclusions, or recommendations express on this Web site do not necessarily represent those of the National Endowment for the Humanities. Images, manuscript descriptions, and associated data on this Web site are released for free under a Creative Commons CC0 license for anyone who wants to use them.