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W.476, Emblem Book

  • Identifier: W.476
  • Date: 2019-01-22
  • Creator: The Walters Art Museum (Baltimore/MD/USA)
  • Contributor: Herbert, Lynley
  • Contributor: Dibble, Charles
  • Contributor: Emery, Doug
  • Contributor: Herbert, Lynley
  • Contributor: Wiegand, Kimber
  • Contributor: Polidori, Elisabetta
  • Contributor: Quandt, Abigail
  • Format: text/html
  • Description: These are images of Walters Ms. W.476, Emblem Book, on parchment, written by Petrarch, 1304-1374 , Ca. 1570 CE
  • Rights: Licensed for use under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported Access Rights, http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/legalcode. It is requested that copies of any published articles based on the information in this data set be sent to the curator of manuscripts, The Walters Art Museum, 600 North Charles Street, Baltimore MD 21201.
  • Source: Walters Art Museum Ms. W.476
  • Title: Walters Ms. W.476, Emblem Book
  • Type: Collection
  • Subject: Literature
  • Subject: Italian
  • Subject: Book
  • Subject: Codex
  • Subject: Drawing
  • Subject: Humanistic
  • Subject: Illumination
  • Subject: Illustration
  • Subject: Manuscript
  • Subject: Medallion
  • Subject: Miniature
  • Subject: Painting
  • Subject: Walters Art Museum
  • Subject: Italy
  • Subject: 16th century
  • Subject: Literature -- Prose
  • Subject: Latin
  • Subject: Italian
  • Subject: Literary -- Prose

Cataloging in process

  1. Upper board outside

    W.476, Upper board outside
  2. Upper board inside

    W.476, Upper board inside
  3. Front flyleaf i, r

    W.476, Front flyleaf i, r
  4. Front flyleaf i, v

    W.476, Front flyleaf i, v
  5. Front flyleaf ii, r

    W.476, Front flyleaf ii, r
  6. Front flyleaf ii, v

    W.476, Front flyleaf ii, v
  7. Front flyleaf iii, r

    W.476, Front flyleaf iii, r
  8. Front flyleaf iii, v

    W.476, Front flyleaf iii, v
  9. Front flyleaf iv, r

    W.476, Front flyleaf iv, r
  10. Front flyleaf iv, v

    W.476, Front flyleaf iv, v
  11. Front flyleaf v, r

    W.476, Front flyleaf v, r
  12. Front flyleaf v, v

    W.476, Front flyleaf v, v
  13. fol. 1r

    W.476, fol. 1r
  14. fol. 1v

    W.476, fol. 1v
  15. fol. Interleaving1r

    W.476, fol. Interleaving1r
  16. fol. Interleaving1v

    W.476, fol. Interleaving1v
  17. fol. 2r

    W.476, fol. 2r
  18. fol. 2v

    W.476, fol. 2v
  19. fol. Interleaving2r

    W.476, fol. Interleaving2r
  20. fol. Interleaving2v

    W.476, fol. Interleaving2v
  21. fol. 3r

    W.476, fol. 3r
  22. fol. 3v

    W.476, fol. 3v
  23. fol. Interleaving3r

    W.476, fol. Interleaving3r
  24. fol. Interleaving3v

    W.476, fol. Interleaving3v
  25. fol. 4r

    W.476, fol. 4r
  26. fol. 4v

    W.476, fol. 4v
  27. fol. Interleaving4r

    W.476, fol. Interleaving4r
  28. fol. Interleaving4v

    W.476, fol. Interleaving4v
  29. fol. 5r

    W.476, fol. 5r
  30. fol. 5v

    W.476, fol. 5v
  31. fol. Interleaving5r

    W.476, fol. Interleaving5r
  32. fol. Interleaving5v

    W.476, fol. Interleaving5v
  33. fol. 6r

    W.476, fol. 6r
  34. fol. 6v

    W.476, fol. 6v
  35. fol. Interleaving6r

    W.476, fol. Interleaving6r
  36. fol. Interleaving6v

    W.476, fol. Interleaving6v
  37. fol. 7r

    W.476, fol. 7r
  38. fol. 7v

    W.476, fol. 7v
  39. fol. Interleaving7r

    W.476, fol. Interleaving7r
  40. fol. Interleaving7v

    W.476, fol. Interleaving7v
  41. fol. 8r

    W.476, fol. 8r
  42. fol. 8v

    W.476, fol. 8v
  43. fol. Interleaving8r

    W.476, fol. Interleaving8r
  44. fol. Interleaving8v

    W.476, fol. Interleaving8v
  45. fol. 9r

    W.476, fol. 9r
  46. fol. 9v

    W.476, fol. 9v
  47. fol. Interleaving9r

    W.476, fol. Interleaving9r
  48. fol. Interleaving9v

    W.476, fol. Interleaving9v
  49. fol. 10r

    W.476, fol. 10r
  50. fol. 10v

    W.476, fol. 10v
  51. fol. Interleaving10r

    W.476, fol. Interleaving10r
  52. fol. Interleaving10v

    W.476, fol. Interleaving10v
  53. fol. 11r

    W.476, fol. 11r
  54. fol. 11v

    W.476, fol. 11v
  55. fol. Interleaving11r

    W.476, fol. Interleaving11r
  56. fol. Interleaving11v

    W.476, fol. Interleaving11v
  57. fol. 12r

    W.476, fol. 12r
  58. fol. 12v

    W.476, fol. 12v
  59. fol. Interleaving12r

    W.476, fol. Interleaving12r
  60. fol. Interleaving12v

    W.476, fol. Interleaving12v
  61. fol. 13r

    W.476, fol. 13r
  62. fol. 13v

    W.476, fol. 13v
  63. fol. Interleaving13r

    W.476, fol. Interleaving13r
  64. fol. Interleaving13v

    W.476, fol. Interleaving13v
  65. fol. 14r

    W.476, fol. 14r
  66. fol. 14v

    W.476, fol. 14v
  67. fol. Interleaving14r

    W.476, fol. Interleaving14r
  68. fol. Interleaving14v

    W.476, fol. Interleaving14v
  69. fol. 15r

    W.476, fol. 15r
  70. fol. 15v

    W.476, fol. 15v
  71. fol. Interleaving15r

    W.476, fol. Interleaving15r
  72. fol. Interleaving15v

    W.476, fol. Interleaving15v
  73. fol. 16r

    W.476, fol. 16r
  74. fol. 16v

    W.476, fol. 16v
  75. fol. Interleaving16r

    W.476, fol. Interleaving16r
  76. fol. Interleaving16v

    W.476, fol. Interleaving16v
  77. fol. 17r

    W.476, fol. 17r
  78. fol. 17v

    W.476, fol. 17v
  79. fol. Interleaving17r

    W.476, fol. Interleaving17r
  80. fol. Interleaving17v

    W.476, fol. Interleaving17v
  81. fol. Interleaving17bisr

    W.476, fol. Interleaving17bisr
  82. fol. Interleaving17bisv

    W.476, fol. Interleaving17bisv
  83. fol. 18r

    W.476, fol. 18r
  84. fol. 18v

    W.476, fol. 18v
  85. fol. Interleaving18r

    W.476, fol. Interleaving18r
  86. fol. Interleaving18v

    W.476, fol. Interleaving18v
  87. fol. 19r

    W.476, fol. 19r
  88. fol. 19v

    W.476, fol. 19v
  89. fol. Interleaving19r

    W.476, fol. Interleaving19r
  90. fol. Interleaving19v

    W.476, fol. Interleaving19v
  91. fol. 20r

    W.476, fol. 20r
  92. fol. 20v

    W.476, fol. 20v
  93. fol. Interleaving20r

    W.476, fol. Interleaving20r
  94. fol. Interleaving20v

    W.476, fol. Interleaving20v
  95. fol. 21r

    W.476, fol. 21r
  96. fol. 21v

    W.476, fol. 21v
  97. fol. Interleaving21r

    W.476, fol. Interleaving21r
  98. fol. Interleaving21v

    W.476, fol. Interleaving21v
  99. fol. 22r

    W.476, fol. 22r
  100. fol. 22v

    W.476, fol. 22v
  101. fol. Interleaving22r

    W.476, fol. Interleaving22r
  102. fol. Interleaving22v

    W.476, fol. Interleaving22v
  103. fol. 23r

    W.476, fol. 23r
  104. fol. 23v

    W.476, fol. 23v
  105. fol. Interleaving23r

    W.476, fol. Interleaving23r
  106. fol. Interleaving23v

    W.476, fol. Interleaving23v
  107. fol. 24r

    W.476, fol. 24r
  108. fol. 24v

    W.476, fol. 24v
  109. fol. Interleaving24r

    W.476, fol. Interleaving24r
  110. fol. Interleaving24v

    W.476, fol. Interleaving24v
  111. fol. 25r

    W.476, fol. 25r
  112. fol. 25v

    W.476, fol. 25v
  113. fol. Interleaving25r

    W.476, fol. Interleaving25r
  114. fol. Interleaving25v

    W.476, fol. Interleaving25v
  115. fol. 26r

    W.476, fol. 26r
  116. fol. 26v

    W.476, fol. 26v
  117. fol. Interleaving26r

    W.476, fol. Interleaving26r
  118. fol. Interleaving26v

    W.476, fol. Interleaving26v
  119. fol. 27r

    W.476, fol. 27r
  120. fol. 27v

    W.476, fol. 27v
  121. fol. Interleaving27r

    W.476, fol. Interleaving27r
  122. fol. Interleaving27v

    W.476, fol. Interleaving27v
  123. fol. 28r

    W.476, fol. 28r
  124. fol. 28v

    W.476, fol. 28v
  125. fol. Interleaving28r

    W.476, fol. Interleaving28r
  126. fol. Interleaving28v

    W.476, fol. Interleaving28v
  127. fol. 29r

    W.476, fol. 29r
  128. fol. 29v

    W.476, fol. 29v
  129. fol. Interleaving29r

    W.476, fol. Interleaving29r
  130. fol. Interleaving29v

    W.476, fol. Interleaving29v
  131. fol. 30r

    W.476, fol. 30r
  132. fol. 30v

    W.476, fol. 30v
  133. fol. Interleaving30r

    W.476, fol. Interleaving30r
  134. fol. Interleaving30v

    W.476, fol. Interleaving30v
  135. fol. 31r

    W.476, fol. 31r
  136. fol. 31v

    W.476, fol. 31v
  137. fol. Interleaving31r

    W.476, fol. Interleaving31r
  138. fol. Interleaving31v

    W.476, fol. Interleaving31v
  139. fol. 32r

    W.476, fol. 32r
  140. fol. 32v

    W.476, fol. 32v
  141. fol. Interleaving32r

    W.476, fol. Interleaving32r
  142. fol. Interleaving32v

    W.476, fol. Interleaving32v
  143. fol. 33r

    W.476, fol. 33r
  144. fol. 33v

    W.476, fol. 33v
  145. fol. Interleaving33r

    W.476, fol. Interleaving33r
  146. fol. Interleaving33v

    W.476, fol. Interleaving33v
  147. fol. 34r

    W.476, fol. 34r
  148. fol. 34v

    W.476, fol. 34v
  149. fol. Interleaving34r

    W.476, fol. Interleaving34r
  150. fol. Interleaving34v

    W.476, fol. Interleaving34v
  151. fol. 35r

    W.476, fol. 35r
  152. fol. 35v

    W.476, fol. 35v
  153. Back flyleaf i, r

    W.476, Back flyleaf i, r
  154. Back flyleaf i, v

    W.476, Back flyleaf i, v
  155. Back flyleaf ii, r

    W.476, Back flyleaf ii, r
  156. Back flyleaf ii, v

    W.476, Back flyleaf ii, v
  157. Lower board inside

    W.476, Lower board inside
  158. Lower board outside

    W.476, Lower board outside
  159. Spine

    W.476, Spine
  160. Fore-edge

    W.476, Fore-edge
  161. Head

    W.476, Head
  162. Tail

    W.476, Tail

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