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Walters Ms. W.647, Yusuf and Zulaykha

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Yusuf and Zulaykha

Text title
Yūsuf va Zulaykhā

Vernacular: يوسف وزليخا


Authority name: Jāmī, 1414-1492

As-written name: Nūr al-Dīn ʿAbd al-Raḥmān ibn Aḥmad Jāmī

Name, in vernacular: نور الدين عبد الرحمان بن احمد جامي

Note: Copied on the order of Badal Khānṣāḥib (see fol. 170b); author dates preferred by cataloger: d. 898 AH / 1492 CE


This is an illuminated and illustrated copy of Yūsuf va Zulaykhā (Joseph and the Potiphar's wife) by Jāmī (d. 898 AH / 1492 CE). According to the colophon, the text was written by Muḥammad Mīrak in Kashmir in 1190 AH / 1776 CE on the order of Badal Khān Ṣāḥib (fol 170b). Incomplete at the beginning, the text is illustrated with thirty-four paintings.


Thursday 14 Ṣafar 1190 AH / 1776 CE, during the reign of Navāb Amīr Khān




As-written name: Muḥammad Mīrak

Name, in vernacular: محمد ميرک




Literary -- Poetry


The primary language in this manuscript is Persian.

fol. 170b:
  1. Transliteration: bi-tārīkh-i chahārdahum-i shahr-i Ṣafar al-muẓaffar sanah-i yakhazār va-yakṣad va-navad dar rūz-i Panjshanbah tārīkh-i [?] ṣadr /1/ bi-vaqt-i pīshīn dar bilād-i Kashmīr jannat-naẓīr dar ʿahd-i Navāb Amīr Khān bi-jihat-i [?] ʿālījāh /2/ Badal Khānṣāḥib ḥasba al-amr bi-dastkhaṭṭ-i aḥqar al-ʿibād Muḥammad Mīrak ghafara Allāh ẕanbahu[?] bi-itmām rasīdah shud /3/
  2. Comment: Gives the date, place, name of scribe, and patron

Support material


Laid paper, probably Kashmiri


Foliation: ii+171+v


Catchwords: Written obliquely on versos


10.5 cm wide by 16.0 cm high

Written surface

7.0 cm wide by 12.0 cm high

  1. Columns: 2
  2. Ruled lines: 12
  3. Framing lines in red, green, gold, and black

fols. 1a - 170b:
  1. Title: Yūsuf va Zulaykhā
  2. Author: Jāmī, 1414-1492
  3. Scribe: Muḥammad Mīrak
  4. Text note: First ninety-six couplets and some verses missing; a number of folios misbound
  5. Hand note: Written in black Indian nastaʿlīq script with section headings in red
  6. Decoration note: Thirty-four illustrations; framing lines in red, green, gold, and black


fol. 9a:

  1. W.647, fol. 9a
  2. Title: Seated portrait of Sultan Hussein
  3. Form: Illustration

fol. 16a:

  1. W.647, fol. 16a
  2. Title: Joseph, in the company of other prophets, in front of Adam
  3. Form: Illustration

fol. 22b:

  1. W.647, fol. 22b
  2. Title: Zulaykhā dreams of Joseph holding a flower
  3. Form: Illustration

fol. 30b:

  1. W.647, fol. 30b
  2. Title: Zulaykhā dreams of Joseph the second time and throws herself at his feet
  3. Form: Illustration

fol. 32a:

  1. W.647, fol. 32a
  2. Title: Zulaykhā has her legs chained by her maids
  3. Form: Illustration

fol. 35a:

  1. W.647, fol. 35a
  2. Title: Zulaykhā dreams of Joseph the third time and learns about his name and Egypt, where she thinks he is a vizier
  3. Form: Illustration

fol. 38a:

  1. W.647, fol. 38a
  2. Title: Zulaykhā in the company of her maids
  3. Form: Illustration

fol. 36*b:

  1. W.647, fol. 36*b
  2. Title: Zulaykha in front of her father, King Taymūs
  3. Form: Illustration

fol. 42b:

  1. W.647, fol. 42b
  2. Title: Zulaykhā is escorted to Egypt on a camel to marry the vizier
  3. Form: Illustration

fol. 44b:

  1. W.647, fol. 44b
  2. Title: The vizier of Egypt waits in his pavilion for the arrival of Zulaykhā
  3. Form: Illumination

fol. 46a:

  1. W.647, fol. 46a
  2. Title: Zulaykhā peeks through a hole in her tent and discovers that the vizier is not Joseph
  3. Form: Illustration

fol. 48a:

  1. W.647, fol. 48a
  2. Title: Zulaykhā and the vizier of Egypt
  3. Form: Illustration

fol. 55b:

  1. W.647, fol. 55b
  2. Title: Joseph, asleep beside Jacob, dreams of the sun and moon bowing to him
  3. Form: Illustration

fol. 61b:

  1. W.647, fol. 61b
  2. Title: Joseph's brothers throw him into a well
  3. Form: Illustration

fol. 68a:

  1. W.647, fol. 68a
  2. Title: Zulaykhā faints as she recognizes Joseph being sold as a slave
  3. Form: Illustration

fol. 80b:

  1. W.647, fol. 80b
  2. Title: Joseph employed by Zulaykhā as a shepherd
  3. Form: Illustration

fol. 91a:

  1. W.647, fol. 91a
  2. Title: Joseph in Zulaykhā’s garden among her maids
  3. Form: Illustration

fol. 92b:

  1. W.647, fol. 92b
  2. Title: Zulaykhā’s maids approach Joseph for him to choose one as a concubine
  3. Form: Illustration

fol. 96b:

  1. W.647, fol. 96b
  2. Title: Zulaykhā shows Joseph her newly built, seven-room palace
  3. Form: Illustration

fol. 100b:

  1. W.647, fol. 100b
  2. Title: Zulaykhā, trying to prevent Joseph from leaving the palace, grabs him by the collar
  3. Form: Illustration

fol. 103a:

  1. W.647, fol. 103a
  2. Title: Joseph, running after Zulaykhā, grabs and tears her robe
  3. Form: Illustration

fol. 106b:

  1. W.647, fol. 106b
  2. Title: Zulaykhā shows her husband the torn piece of Joseph’s collar as proof of his guilt
  3. Form: Illustration

fol. 109a:

  1. W.647, fol. 109a
  2. Title: Zulaykhā in the company of Egyptian women
  3. Form: Illustration

fol. 110b:

  1. W.647, fol. 110b
  2. Title: Zulaykhā asks Joseph to bring in a golden water jar for her to wash her hands
  3. Form: Illustration

fol. 111b:

  1. W.647, fol. 111b
  2. Title: Joseph brings Zulaykhā a golden water jar to wash her hands
  3. Form: Illustration

fol. 116b:

  1. W.647, fol. 116b
  2. Title: Zylaykhā tries to persuade her husband to send Joseph to prison
  3. Form: Illustration

fol. 118b:

  1. W.647, fol. 118b
  2. Title: Joseph is brought to prison
  3. Form: Illustration

fol. 124b:

  1. W.647, fol. 124b
  2. Title: Zulaykhā visits Joseph in prison
  3. Form: Illustration

fol. 132b:

  1. W.647, fol. 132b
  2. Title: Zulaykhā confesses to the king that Joseph is innocent
  3. Form: Illustration

fol. 135a:

  1. W.647, fol. 135a
  2. Title: Joseph interprets the king’s dream
  3. Form: Illustration

fol. 140b:

  1. W.647, fol. 140b
  2. Title: Zulaykhā, after the death of her husband, sits alone in her abode
  3. Form: Illustration

fol. 146a:

  1. W.647, fol. 146a
  2. Title: Zulaykhā entreats Joseph to pray to God to get back her sight and beauty
  3. Form: Illustration

fol. 149b:

  1. W.647, fol. 149b
  2. Title: Joseph and Zulaykhā united in marriage
  3. Form: Illustration

fol. 157a:

  1. W.647, fol. 157a
  2. Title: Zulaykhā mourns the death of Joseph
  3. Form: Illustration


The binding is not original.

Brown lacquer (no flap); decorated central and outer panels


Walters Art Museum, 1931, by Henry Walters bequest


Principal cataloger: Gacek, Adam

Catalogers: Landau, Amy; Smith, Sita

Editor: Bockrath, Diane

Conservators: Jewell, Stephanie; Quandt, Abigail

Contributors: Barrera, Christina; Emery, Doug; Herbert, Lynley; Noel, William; Simpson, Shreve; Tabritha, Ariel; Toth, Michael B.; Valle, Chiara


The Walters Art Museum


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