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Walters Ms. W.601, Book of kings (Shahnama)

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Book of kings (Shahnama)

Text title

Vernacular: شاهنامه


Authority name: Firdawsī

As-written name: Abū al-Qāsim Ḥasan ibn Isḥāq Firdawsī Ṭūsī

Name, in vernacular: ابو القاسم حسن بن اسحاق فردوسى طوسى

Note: Author dates preferred by cataloger: d. 411 or 416 AH / 1020-5 CE


This is an illuminated and illustrated Safavid copy of the Shāhnāmah (Book of kings) by Firdawsī (d. 411 or 416 AH / 1020-5 CE), dated 1028 AH / 1618-9 CE. The text, which is incomplete, begins with the preface (dībāchah), composed on the order of Bāysunghur. It is written in black nastaʿlīq script with chapter/section headings in red. The manuscript contains fourteen illustrations that appear to be later additions, perhaps dating to the 13th century A.H./ 19th century C.E., and may have been executed in India or Iran. The black leather binding is modern.


1028 AH / 1618-9 CE








The primary language in this manuscript is Persian.

fol. 15a:
  1. Transliteration: tammat al-Dībāchah [sic] Shahnāmah [sic] bi-tawfīq Allāh /1/ taʿālá fī shuhūr sanat thamāniyah wa-ʿishrīn wa-alf /2/ tamma tamma tamma /3/
  2. Comment: At the end of the preface

Support material


Laid paper


Foliation: ii+398+ii


Catchwords: Written on versos


16.5 cm wide by 26.0 cm high

Written surface

11.5 cm wide by 19.5 cm high

  1. Columns: 4
  2. Ruled lines: 22
  3. Framing lines in blue, red, gold, and black

fols. 1b - 398b:
  1. Title: Shāhnāmah
  2. Author: Firdawsī
  3. Incipit: افتتاح سخن آن به كه كنند اهل كمال …
  4. Text note: Text begins with the preface (dībāchah), composed on the order of Bāysunghur; incomplete at the end; last page contains the beginning of Nāmah-i Gushtāsb
  5. Hand note: Written in nastaʿlīq script in black and red ink
  6. Decoration note: Fourteen illustrations (fols. 27b, 42b, 72a, 79b, 108b, 122a, 131b, 157a, 195b, 234a, 245b, 278b, 289b, 308b, and 354a); three illuminated headpieces (fols. 1b, 15b, and 42b); framing lines in blue, red, gold, and black


fol. 1b:

  1. W.601, fol. 1b
  2. Title: Incipit page with illuminated headpiece
  3. Form: Incipit; headpiece

fol. 15b:

  1. W.601, fol. 15b
  2. Title: Incipit page with illuminated headpiece
  3. Form: Incipit; headpiece
  4. Label: This incipit page with illuminated headpiece introduces the text of the Shāhnāmah.

fol. 27b:

  1. W.601, fol. 27b
  2. Title: Farīdūn and Jamshīd’s daughters Arnavāz and Shahrnavāz
  3. Form: Illustration

fol. 42b:

  1. W.601, fol. 42b
  2. Title: Incipit page with illuminated headpiece
  3. Form: Incipit; headpiece
  4. Label: This incipit page has an illuminated headpiece introducing the Story of Sām.

fol. 72a:

  1. W.601, fol. 72a
  2. Title: Sām battles the dīv Nihangāl
  3. Form: Illustration

fol. 79b:

  1. W.601, fol. 79b
  2. Title: Sām lassos Faghfūr of China
  3. Form: Illustration

fol. 108b:

  1. W.601, fol. 108b
  2. Title: Rustam kills the white elephant
  3. Form: Illustration

fol. 122a:

  1. W.601, fol. 122a
  2. Title: Rustam fights Afrāsiyāb
  3. Form: Illustration

fol. 131b:

  1. W.601, fol. 131b
  2. Title: Rustam kills the White Dīv (the seventh feat)
  3. Form: Illustration

fol. 157a:

  1. W.601, fol. 157a
  2. Title: Rustam kills Suhrāb
  3. Form: Illustration

fol. 195b:

  1. W.601, fol. 195b
  2. Title: Gūdarz begs Kay Khusraw to return to Persia
  3. Form: Illustration

fol. 234a:

  1. W.601, fol. 234a
  2. Title: Rustam shoots Ashkabūs
  3. Form: Illustration

fol. 245b:

  1. W.601, fol. 245b
  2. Title: Rustam drags the Khāqān of China from his elephant
  3. Form: Illustration

fol. 278b:

  1. W.601, fol. 278b
  2. Title: Rustam combats Barzū, his grandson
  3. Form: Illustration

fol. 289b:

  1. W.601, fol. 289b
  2. Title: Rustam combats Pilsum, a Turanian warrior
  3. Form: Illustration

fol. 308b:

  1. W.601, fol. 308b
  2. Title: Rustam rescues Bīzhan from the pit
  3. Form: Illustration

fol. 354a:

  1. W.601, fol. 354a
  2. Title: Kay Khusraw kills Shīdah (Pashank)
  3. Form: Illustration


The binding is not original.

Modern black leather (no flap)


Walters Art Museum, 1931, by Henry Walters bequest


Storey, C. A. Persian Literature: A Bio-Bibliographical Survey, Vol. 1. (London: Luzac, 1927- ), 112-159.

Richard, Francis. Catalogue des manuscrits persans. (Paris: Bibliothèque nationale, 1989), nos. 228-9.


Principal cataloger: Gacek, Adam

Catalogers: Landau, Amy; Smith, Sita

Editor: Bockrath, Diane

Conservators: Jewell, Stephanie; Quandt, Abigail

Contributors: Barrera, Christina; Emery, Doug; Herbert, Lynley; Noel, William; Simpson, Shreve; Tabritha, Ariel; Toth, Michael B.; Valle, Chiara


The Walters Art Museum


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