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Walters Ms. W.595, Compendium of medicine

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Compendium of medicine

Text title
Ẕakhīrah-i Khvārazmshāhī

Vernacular: ذخيره خوارزشاهى


As-written name: Zayn al-Dīn Ismāʿil ibn Ḥasan al-Jurjānī

Supplied name: Zayn al-Dīn al-Jurjānī (d. 531 AH / 1136 CE)

Name, in vernacular: زين الدين اسماعيل بن حسن الجرجانى

Note: Author name supplied by cataloger


This manuscript is a compendium/encyclopedia of medicine entitled Ẕakhīrah-i Khvārazmshāhī, composed by Zayn al-Dīn al-Jurjānī (d. 531 AH / 1136 CE). It was copied by Muḥammad ibn Maʿrūf ibn Maḥammad al-Zarīr [?] al-Kāzarūnī Shīrānī in 889 AH / 1484 CE. The text opens with a double-page illuminated incipit with verses alluding to the title of the work.


22 Rabīʿ II 889 AH / 1484 CE




As-written name: Muḥammad ibn Maʿrūf ibn Maḥammad al-Zarīr [?] al-Kāzarūnī Shīrānī

Name, in vernacular: محمد بن معروف بن محمد الزري[?] الكازرونى شيرانى




Scientific -- Medical


The primary language in this manuscript is Persian.

fol. 705a:
  1. Transliteration: tamām shud qarābaẕīn az Kitāb-i Ẕakhīrah /1/ bi-ʿawn Allāh wa-ḥusn tawfīqih wa-faragha min taḥrīrih waqt al-ḍuḥá yawm al-ithnayn /2/ thānī wa-ʿishrūn shahr Rabīʿ al-thānī sanat tisʿ wa-thamānīn wa-thamānmi<ʾ>ah /3/ al-hilālīyah ʿalá yad al-faqīr al-ḍaʿīf al-muḥtāj ilá /4/ raḥmat Allāh Malik [?] al-Ṣamad Muḥammad bn Maʿrūf bn Muḥammad al-Zarīr [?] /5/ al-Kāzarūnī al-maysūm [sic] bi-Shīrānī aṣlaḥa Allāh aḥwālahu /6/ raḥmat-i Allāh taʿālá ḥāṣil bāẕ kih /7/ kātib rā bi-fātiḥat al-Kitāb /8/ va sūrat al-Ikhlāṣ /9/ va daʿā… [?] /10/ yāẕ āvarad /11/ al-salam[?] /12/ m (= tamma) /13/

Support material


Creamy, thin paper


Foliation: 705


Catchwords: Written on versos


18.5 cm wide by 30.5 cm high

Written surface

11.5 cm wide by 20.0 cm high

  1. Columns: 1
  2. Ruled lines: 29

fols. 2b - 705a:
  1. Title: Ẕakhīrah-i Khvārazmshāhī
  2. Author: Zayn al-Dīn Ismāʿil ibn Ḥasan al-Jurjānī
  3. Scribe: Muḥammad ibn Maʿrūf ibn Maḥammad al-Zarīr [?] al-Kāzarūnī Shīrānī
  4. Incipit: الحمد لله رب العالمين حمدا لشاكرين والصلاة والسلام...
  5. Text note: Consists of nine books (kitāb) and two appendices (guftār) on simple drugs (adviyah mufradah, fol. 610b) and compound remedies (qarābāẕīn, fol. 645b)
  6. Hand note: Written in small black naskh script with rubricated chapter headings and keywords; inscription in the double-page illuminated incipit in thuluth script
  7. Decoration note: Double-page illuminated incipit; gilt frame


The binding is original.

Red leather (with flap); central ovals and cornerpieces; central motif has an inner element shaped in the form of a diamond; doublures of light brown leather decorated with filigree work, central ovals, and cornerpieces


Catch-title and former shelf mark on tail edge: Khvārazmshāhī 2029

Ownership statement (min kutub) and seal: ʿAlī (fol. 1a)


Walters Art Museum, 1931, by Henry Walters bequest


Richard, Francis. Catalogue des manuscrits persans. (Paris: Bibliothèque nationale, 1989), nos. 146(II), 149, 156.

Gacek, Adam. Persian Manuscripts in the Libraries of McGill University: Brief Union Catalogue. (Montreal: McGill University Libraries, 2005), no. 337.


Principal cataloger: Gacek, Adam

Catalogers: Landau, Amy; Smith, Sita

Editor: Bockrath, Diane

Conservators: Jewell, Stephanie; Quandt, Abigail

Contributors: Barrera, Christina; Emery, Doug; Herbert, Lynley; Noel, William; Simpson, Shreve; Tabritha, Ariel; Toth, Michael B.; Valle, Chiara


The Walters Art Museum


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