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Walters Ms. W.504, Patent of Nobility granted by Philip III to Don Luys Nuñez Perez

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Patent of Nobility granted by Philip III to Don Luys Nuñez Perez

Text title
Patent of Nobility


This lavishly bound and decorated manuscript was given by King Philip III of Spain to a nobleman named Don Luys Nuñez Perez, and is dated to July 10, 1608. It is housed in its original box, which was made in the shape of a book and closely resembles the manuscript itself. The manuscript is also accompanied by the official lead seal of the king. Due to its fragile condition, it was only possible to image parts of the manuscript.


Dated July 10, 1608 CE


Grenada, Spain







The primary language in this manuscript is Spanish; Castilian.

Support material


Medium-weight, cream-colored parchment


Foliation: i+94+i

Modern pencil foliation, upper right corners, rectos


Formula: Undetermined due to the fragile nature of the manuscript



22.3 cm wide by 31.5 cm high

Written surface

14.5 cm wide by 24.5 cm high

  1. Columns: 1
  2. Ruled lines: 27
  3. Ruled in red ink

fols. 1r - 94v:
  1. Title: Patent of Nobility
  2. Incipit: De Castilla
  3. Hand note: Gotica rotunda, often calligraphed or with gold strokes; names and other words in roman capitals
  4. Decoration note: Three full-page miniatures; one text miniature; three historiated initials; twenty-four decorated initials (3-8 lines); fifty-six decorated text headings; text in black ink


fol. 6v:

  1. W.504, fol. 6v
  2. Title: Crucifixion, with marginal Old Testament scenes and saints
  3. Form: Full-page miniature with ornamental border

fol. 7r:

  1. W.504, fol. 7r
  2. Title: Coronation of the Virgin with King Phillip III, Don Luys Nuñez Perez, and Queen Margaret
  3. Form: Full-page miniature with ornamental border
  4. Comment:

    The inscription in the cartouche reads "POR LA GRACIA."

fol. 7v:

  1. W.504, fol. 7v
  2. Title: Coat of arms
  3. Form: Full-page miniature with ornamental border
  4. Comment:

    The inscription reads "IN SILENTIO ET SPE."

fol. 89r:

  1. W.504, fol. 89r
  2. Title: Portrait of King Philip III
  3. Form: Text miniature


The binding is original.

Tan calfskin on pasteboard with heavy gold tooling in a number of decorative and figural patterns; with original box, in the shape of a book, similarly decorated, with recess for included seal; circular lead seal (80 mm in diameter), with inscription on obverse ("PHILIPPUS III. D. G. CASTELLAE LEGIONIS NAVARRAE GRANIAE") and arms of Philip and another inscription (REX TOLETI GALICI...) on the reverse


Given by King Philip III of Spain to Don Luys Nuñez Perez of Grenada, Spain, on July 10, 1608

Gruel and Engelmann collection, Paris, late nineteenth or early twentieth century; their bookplate on front pastedown, inscribed "no. 906"

Henry Walters, Baltimore, purchased from Gruel and Engelmann before 1931


Walters Art Museum, 1931, by Henry Walters' bequest


De Ricci, S. and W.J. Wilson. Census of Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts in the United States and Canada. 2 vols. New York: H.W. Wilson Company, 1935, p. 856, no. 555.


Cataloger: Walters Art Museum curatorial staff and researchers since 1934

Editor: Herbert, Lynley

Copy editor: Dibble, Charles

Conservators: Owen, Linda; Quandt, Abigail

Contributors: Bockrath, Diane; Emery, Doug; Joyal, Stephanie; Noel, William; Tabritha, Ariel; Toth, Michael B.


The Walters Art Museum


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