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Walters Ms. W.20, Juvenal's Satires

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Juvenal's Satires

Text title
Juvenal's Satires and the Gloss of William of Conches

Vernacular: Satirae


As-written name: Iuuenalis

Supplied name: Juvenal

Known as: Iuvenalis, Decimus Iunius

Known as: Iuvenalis, Decimus Junius


Authority name: William, of Conches

Supplied name: William of Conches


This twelfth-century copy of Juvenal's Satires includes an early gloss on Books I and II, attributed to William of Conches, which was added early in the life of the manuscript. Additional early glosses on the text by different hands appear throughout.


Last quarter of the 12th century CE


Northern France




Literary -- Poetry



The primary language in this manuscript is Latin.

Support material


Medium to thick goatskin showing significant handling, including smudges and soiling at the lower edges of folios, ink-blot stains, and the last lines of text on many folios appear faded from rubbing; all folios are of a faded yellow to gray color; fore-edges and lower margins have been trimmed on many folios, sometimes extensively (see fols. 7, 9, 11, 37, and 54); trimming appears to have been started on fol. 55 but halted and later mended by the Walters Art Museum's conservation laboratory; prickings visible on fore-edges of folios; occasional holes in parchment or evidence of flaws in the goatskin; edges of folios show traces of red pigment


Foliation: iii+55+iii


Formula: Quires 1-6: 8 (fols. 1-48 ); Quire 7: 8, lacking third folio (fols. 49-55)

Catchwords: Catchwords appear in the lower-right corners of the last versos of each quire, written in text-hand with brown ink; quires are numbered in roman numerals at the bottom center of the last verso of each quire



14.5 cm wide by 23.0 cm high

Written surface

13.5 cm wide by 22.0 cm high

  1. Columns: 1-3
  2. Ruled lines: 35

fols. 1r - 55v:
  1. Title: Juvenal's Satires and the Gloss of William of Conches
  2. Authors: William, of Conches; Iuuenalis
  3. Hand note: Transitional Carolingian miniscule; rustic capitals and uncials used at the beginning of lines of poetry
  4. Decoration note: Incipit "S" on fol. 1r rendered in blue ink and red outline with floral motif; first letters of major text divisions marked in red ink with decorative, calligraphic forms; text in brown ink
fols. 1r - 5v:
  1. Title: Gloss attributed to William of Conches
  2. Author: William, of Conches
  3. Incipit: Semper ego etcetera. In ista prima satyra agit iuuenalis duo; in principio reprehendit poetas inutiliter scribentes; deinde ostendit quare plus hoc genus carminis scribat quam aliud.
fols. 1r - 55v:
  1. Title: Satires
  2. Author: Iuuenalis
  3. Incipit: Semper ego auditor tantum nunquamne reponam Vexatus toties rauci theseide codri.


fol. 1r:

  1. W.20, fol. 1r
  2. Title: Foliate initial "S"
  3. Form: Decorated initial "S," 6 lines


The binding is not original.

Rebound in France in ca. 1600 with parchment over pasteboard; spine includes four ribs; "Iuve- / nalis" written in brown ink in the uppermost compartment of the spine


Produced in the last quarter of the twelfth century, probably in northeastern France

Perhaps owned by Saint-Pierre at Beauvais in the thirteenth century, based on the inscription "Officialis curie parisensis capitulo Sancti Petri" in the upper-left corner of fol. 55v; first three words of the same inscription (abbreviated) appear in the upper-right and bottom-left of fol. 55r and date to the fourteenth century, indicating continued ownership; inscription in same hand in upper-right corner of fol. 15r reads "Omnibus presentes litteras inspecturis uel audituris. Officialis curie parisensi Salutem in domino"; and at the top center of fol. 55v is the inscription "Officiali ambianensis episcopo salutem," written in a hand resembling that on fol. 15r

Owned by Antoine Loisel (1539-1596), based on the signature on fol. 55v, written vertically at the center of the page

Owned by the Le Peletier de Rosanbo (or Rosambo) family in the eighteenth or early-nineteenth century, based on the first bookplate on the front pastedown

Owned by the Duchess of Berry in the early-nineteenth century, based on the second bookplate on the front pastedown, which reads "Bibliothèque de Rosny," referring to the Château de Rosny at Seine-et-Oise

Sold at Paris auction (lot no. 2419) by the Duchess of Berry on February 20, 1837, for 210 francs to Marie-Henry-Adolphe Bossange (1797-1862)

Acquired by Jean-Baptiste-Joseph Barrois of Lille between 1837 and 1849; the collection number 129 is written on a green leather label at the base of the spine, over which 192 was later written

Sold by Jean-Baptiste-Joseph Barrois of Lille at Paris auction in 1849 to the Earl of Ashburnham

Sold by the Earl of Ashburnham at Sotheby's auction in London (lot no. 317) on June 12, 1901, to Bernard Quaritch Ltd., a London bookseller

Purchased by Henry Walters from Bernard Quaritch Ltd. between 1902 and 1931


Walters Art Museum, 1931, by Henry Walters' bequest


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Principal cataloger: Randall, Lilian M.C.

Cataloger: Dennis, Nathan S

Editor: Herbert, Lynley

Copy editor: Dibble, Charles

Conservators: Owen, Linda; Quandt, Abigail

Contributors: Emery, Doug; Noel, William; Schuele, Allyson; Tabritha, Ariel; Toth, Michael B.; Wiegand, Kimber


The Walters Art Museum


Licensed for use under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported Access Rights, http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/legalcode. It is requested that copies of any published articles based on the information in this data set be sent to the curator of manuscripts, The Walters Art Museum, 600 North Charles Street, Baltimore MD 21201.